As advertised

Wake up little boy,
litte wonderboy,
it’s time for the war
for killing and fighting and shots,
you’ve always liked adventures,
haven’t you boy?
But where’s a gun,
there will be blood.

Wake up litte girl,
it is time to go,
on the big streets
to face your future loss,
you have been wanting this,
haven’t you girl?
Cause where’s a gun,
someone will get shot.

You read it in the paper,
found a place to go,
after years of just playing
and hunting in the streets,
this is your big day, now,
wake up little boy,
they are here,
they are coming for you.

Come on little girl,
be a big girl now,
hide your breasts
and show us your teeth,
they are depending on you,
to shot and kill,
and to forget about,
little flowers in the streets.

August 2014, für:

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